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The Cursed Castle - Online RPG
The Cursed Castle - Online RPG

The Cursed Castle - Online RPG

1.3.5 for Android

New Roguelike Online RPG!


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55.1 MB


Luca Sbenaglia


Rated 7+

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The Cursed Castle - Online RPG
              Once upon a time there was a glorious kingdom, where people thrived and did not know hunger or poverty. 

The King of the Castle however, could never relax, as the neighboring villages, seeing the splendor of his kingdom, often tried to attack him in the hope of taking control or weakening it. The King's army was very powerful, and fortunately it always succeeded to protect the kingdom.

One day, however, the sky turned dark, and an evil entity struck the kingdom, infesting the castle and taking control of it, killing anyone who did not submit to the will of evil.

From that day on, no one saw the King of the Castle ever again, and the whole kingdom began to slowly crumble, falling into the hands of darkness.

You were just a child at the time, and you were one of the lucky few to escape, taking refuge in a nearby village, but you haven't seen your parents or your little sister since that tragic day, but you have sworn revenge.

It's been 15 years since that unforgettable day, and you've been training constantly, day and night: you learned several skills and you finally feel ready to return to The Cursed Castle, which was once the most majestic kingdom in the world.

Features of The Cursed Castle:

- Completely free to play! No In-App Purchases
- Retro style
- Many, many dungeons to explore
- Discover new creatures and unlock them in The Undergrounds!
- Upgrade your skills to get stronger
- Beat mighty bosses
- Compete in PVP battles and join the Hall of Honor
- Linked with our official community 
- More features to come!

Will you be able to face all the dangerous challenges that await you?  Do you feel ready to begin this merciless battle? And finally, will you be able to restore peace to your kingdom?

Please note this is still a beta version, and the game will receive constant updates to provide new features from time to time!

Thanks for your support!

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The Cursed Castle - Online RPG 1.3.5 Update
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55.1 MB
Luca Sbenaglia
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