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Moto Racing Rider 3D
Moto Racing Rider 3D

Moto Racing Rider 3D

1.0 for Android

Epic moto drift stunt craft adventure driving challenge racing master legend


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AVG Free Games Co. Ltd


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Moto Racing Rider 3D
              Ever longed to play the most realistic racing motorcycle simulator?
Based on Unreal Engine 4 - the most powerful and advanced 3D engine, it brings you the ultimate and amazing real racing experience with awesome graphics.
We are also ready to surprise you with tons of cool and realistic motorcycles. Now you can drive, drift and customize a racing sports motorcycle in your device! This is a realistic vehicle simulator game for you! Whoever you are, you can enjoy driving a motorcycle!
Drive and start your course in the most realistic driving simulator! This is a game that not only tests your motorbike control skills, but also requires full attention to traffic rules. After all, it's not just the long asphalt road that awaits you, it's the buses, trucks, cars and bicycles that are with you
Realistic and intelligent road driving simulation: Cars, trucks, buses are all on the road, they can change lanes, slow down or make way for you. Use the accelerator and brake at the right time to overtake or make an emergency stop! The highway is not your parking lot - whether you crash or fall, get up and keep driving!
Enhance and upgrade your motors with materials that are rewarded by completing game missions or achieving career goals. With a better motorcycle, you will be able to challenge more complex roads and increasingly difficult missions!
main feature
Beautiful 3D modern graphics.
The ultimate speed experience comparable to formula racing and rallying.
100% free to play
Controls: Button, Wheel, Tilt and MFi Game Controller Support
first person camera
Choose from a variety of racing scenarios, weather systems and tracks.
Realistic driving simulator system that accurately simulates the real motorcycle driving experience.
Realistic motorcycle accident and motorcycle damage physics.
Unlimited Customization: Customize your motorcycle with paint, decals, tires, rims.
Play games without internet service! You can play without WIFI!
Coolest motorcycle collection.        
Moto Racing Rider 3D 1.0 Update
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89.6 MB
AVG Free Games Co. Ltd
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