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Kingdom Legend Battles TD
Kingdom Legend Battles TD

Kingdom Legend Battles TD

1.0 for Android

League of legends defense.


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88.7 MB


Xiamen Xinyang Network Technology Co., LTD


Rated 7+

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Kingdom Legend Battles TD
              Kingdom Legend Battles TD 

League of legends defense.

Get ready for an epic journey to protect your kingdom from hordes of orcs, monsters, evil wizards and other nasty demons, with huge towers, heroes, knights and spells!

The Vikings are known for their ambitions to invade the land, but now they must defend the invaders. Invaders, also known as evil forces, suddenly appeared. where are they from? no one knows. They attacked the people and destroyed the empire. The empire and its allies struggled to survive. Life and family are meaningless to these monsters. The fields rot. Woods burns. People suffer. Destruction is everywhere! The kingdom has only one choice: defend! are you ready?

Lead your troops and all heroes through an epic adventure while defending exotic lands with evil monsters, using towers, heroes and magic to help you crush your enemies into pulp.

Set fire to your enemies, command your troops, call for reinforcements, recruit more fighters and face the legendary monsters in order to save your kingdom from the dark forces! Deploy a fast archer archer! Use magic beams to carve walls on the map! The roaring cannon of fire! Summon allies! Kingdom defense offers a variety of challenges.

★★★Wonderful Kingdom
The war takes place in the fantasy realm of beauty and nature. As you face an army of slime, goblins, skeletons, werewolves, orcs and other terrifying creatures, adventure in dense forests, golden lands, snow-covered mountains and epic deserts. Defend your kingdom! Take part in an epic battle and save the world with brave heroes and ancient magic!

★★★Powerful tower system
Each tower has its function and strength, and it helps to defeat certain types of monsters more easily. But when it comes to other opponents, it may be ineffective. The tower can be upgraded to the fourth level. After upgrading, they gain more firepower and range to help you win the battle!
Most importantly, the tower can also be enhanced with the stars obtained in each battle. With this new power, you can customize them with various special effects and potentials, such as increasing power, reducing skills and cooling... If you find that the same strategy can’t enter the next battle, you can reset Skill tree to shape the content of your heart.

★★★Magic System
Collect magic items such as meteor strikes, frost gems, healing wards or golden boxes! They will greatly help you win the battle!

★★★Legendary heroes and knights
Our goal is to create a perfect combination of strategy games and role-playing games! In addition to towers and magic items, you can summon heroes and order them to help you repel enemies.
You can choose a variety of heroes to participate in the battle: Galahad is an indomitable warrior, Ashi the Hawkeye, Wukong, Shaman, Golem... each of them is unique. Choose wisely and you will be the winner!

-Impressive European style graphics
-Spectacular effects
-Diversified monster system
-12 maps and many other game modes
-Unique item system
-Powerful hero system
-Empire wars and magic.        
Kingdom Legend Battles TD 1.0 Update
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88.7 MB
Xiamen Xinyang Network Technology Co., LTD
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