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Idle to Rule the Gods
Idle to Rule the Gods

Idle to Rule the Gods

3.49 for Android

An idle game, fight gods to become the strongest! Get many pets to help you out.


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Shugasu GmbH


Rated 3+

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Idle to Rule the Gods
              In the year 9001, humans destroyed all habitable planets in the known universe. On the last planet, they managed to create a space dimension device. With this device, they were able to travel to a different dimension. The world of Idling to Rule the Gods.
In the first habitable planet they found, they noticed the world works different than the known universe. It is ruled by gods. Soon after, Hyperion, the first god found the humans and fought them. After a long lasting fight, all humans but you – the player – died. While surviving the whole time, you developed your own special ability: to create shadow clones.
The game starts here.
You create shadow clones, they train, learn skills and fight monsters for you, while you absorb their power until you are powerful enough to beat the first god “Hyperion”. After beating Hyperion, you find many, much stronger gods. To be able to defeat all of them, you must find various ways to become more powerful. You rebirth, create your own monuments, train pets and fight ultimate beings.
Let the numbers go up, become the strongest god in the universe!        
Idle to Rule the Gods 3.49 Update
- The autofight after unleash now starts to fight a god with 1% of max hp and doubles that every time you lose up to 100%. - The free exp you get from dungeons is now twice as high. - Improved the preview of the avatar a bit. - The alert button is now automatically available for free. - The tooltip for pets on the campaign page shows now class exp / hour. - Reworked the FAQ page a bit. Now it is less of a wall of text and with categories to find the info faster. - Fixed a few bugs. ...
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81.8 MB
Shugasu GmbH
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