KoronaPay Money Transfer: Send & Receive Worldwide KoronaPay Money Transfer: Send & Receive Worldwide Download
KoronaPay Money Transfer: Send & Receive Worldwide
KoronaPay Money Transfer: Send & Receive Worldwide

KoronaPay Money Transfer: Send & Receive Worldwide

3.66.0 for Android

KoronaPay is a fast and secure way to send money to your friends and family.


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KoronaPay Money Transfer: Send & Receive Worldwide
              KoronaPay (6+) is an app to send and receive money transfers in over 50 countries worldwide, without needing to open a bank account. It’s simple and convenient. You only need your bank card and internet connection.

If you are in Russia, you can send or receive money using a card issued by any bank in the Russian Federation.* The KoronaPay (6+) app works with MIR, VISA, Mastercard and Maestro cards.

If you are in Europe, you can send transfers** in euro using VISA, Mastercard, or Maestro cards issued by any European bank. No fee is charged, which means that the recipient gets the whole transfer amount. They can either pick up cash at one of the ‘Zolotaya Korona’ service points (over 50,000 agent locations) or deposit funds to their card via the app (in Russia, Turkey, Georgia, or any CIS country, in their national currency).

With the KoronaPay (6+) app, in CIS countries as well as in Turkey, Israel and Georgia, you can receive ‘Zolotaya Korona’ transfers to, and in Belarus and Kazakhstan, send transfers from a card issued by a bank in the respective country. The list of countries whose cards are accepted for money transfer transactions is available from https://koronapay.com/transfers/online/receive/

You can also use the KoronaPay (6+) app to:
- find the nearest agent location
- track transfer status
- quickly repeat a transfer
- see your transaction history
- find answers to frequently asked questions about the service
- easily get in touch with the Support Service
Users in Russia can also:
- apply for a loan***
- make payments to FMS (work patents, fines)

* The service is provided by Credit Union ‘Payment Center’ Ltd. (86, Kirova Str., Novosibirsk, OGRN: 1025400002968), CB RF license 3166-К dated 14/04/2014, under the Managed Service Contract on Providing Client Services via Personal Area or Other Types of Service (the text is available from rnko.ru)
** The service of money transfers from Europe via a mobile application is provided by KoronaPay Europe Ltd, license issued by the Central Bank of Cyprus on 11/12/2018, under the Terms and Conditions available from koronapay.eu.
*** The loan is provided by the Microfinance Organization “Strana Express” LCC, MFO State Registry Registration Number 2120719001908 dated 07/08/2012 (11, M. Dzhalilya Str., of. 116, Novosibirsk, OGRN 1121902000879). The money transfer operator is Credit Union ‘Payment Center’ Ltd., CB RF license 3166-К dated 14/04/2014 (86, Kirova Str., Novosibirsk, OGRN: 1025400002968). The following terms and conditions are applied. The offer is valid for individuals who are of 18 and up to 60 years of age and hold citizenship of one of the following countries: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, or the Russian Federation. If approved, the loan amount can be RUB 3,000-30,000. The application is submitted for a loan amount of RUB 5,000-30,000. Upon approval, the amount can be reduced, but no less than RUB 3,000. For the first loan, the amount is RUB 5,000-15,000; the loan term is 63 days; the interest rate is 0.95% per day (346.75% per annum). For the second and subsequent loans, the amount is RUB 20,000-30,000; the loan term is: three calendar months with the interest rate of 0.80% per day (292.00% per annum); or four calendar months with the interest rate of 0.7% per day (255.50% per annum); or five calendar months with the interest rate of 0.6% per day (219.00% per annum); or 170 calendar days with the interest rate of 0.55% per day (200.75% per annum). The minimum loan term is 63 days; the maximum loan term is five calendar months. The maximum interest rate is 346.75% per annum. Following is an example of the loan cost calculation for a loan of RUB 10,000 granted for a term of 63 days. The amount of interest accrued (0.95%) for the 63-day period is RUB 5,985. Amount payable is RUB 15,985. The above terms are valid as of 06/08/2020. More information is available from https://stranaexpress.ru/documents/        
KoronaPay Money Transfer: Send & Receive Worldwide 3.66.0 Update
In this update, we’ve cleared up the transfer history. No more ads, nothing irrelevant. Your transfers only, as it should be.
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