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Stuntman Crazy Run
Stuntman Crazy Run

Stuntman Crazy Run

1.0 for Android

Get ready for new stuntman game with best graphics and amazing game play


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Stuntman Crazy Run
              Get ready for new stuntman game with best graphics and amazing game play. Play the wonderful game on water pool and get the real experience of water park stunts. Balance yourself carefully while performing extreme stunts on water tracks. Perform your running tasks with real action and fun.

Stuntman Water Run is the best action adventure game with the awesome stuntman and amazing physics. Don’t be afraid of open waters and accept the master challenges of water wipers, wrecking balls and bouncing punches in high-speed running game!

In Stuntman Water Run there are series of challenging missions, early missions are slow and easy but when you move up you will feel the real thrill and difficulty in high-speed running game. Balance yourself carefully on moving balancing platforms in sea run and be aware of boxing punches otherwise you will be smashed Badly in top runner game.

Stuntman Water Running Game has lots of challenging missions. Starting missions are easy and you can clear them easily. When you move to next the real challenge and difficulty will increase. Balance yourself on the challenging platforms and be aware of the different types of hurdles or you will smash badly.
Stuntman Water Running Game race against time as the ultimate water runner in the real obstacle course adventure. Take the challenge and master water park hurdles. Do not crash with the wrecking ball, avoid obstacles by jumping, sweeping and running otherwise you will find yourself in the water. This ultimate wipeout tournament of water park running champions, overcome your fear and come out as the legendary water runner.

Be quick and run fast because your little mistake will lead you to lose the mission of incredible stuntman run challenge.
Stuntman Water Running Game is the best action and adventure water park wipeout game with amazing stuntman and realistic physics. Accept the water run challenges and master all the hurdles like bouncing punches and wrecking balls.

Stuntman Water Running Game, tricky obstacles, beautiful swing balls, and rollers are waiting for the amazing stuntman runner. Get ready with your stamina, run against time and jump for water park adventure in obstacle course theme park simulator 2018. Feel the real adrenaline rush as you jump, twist and dash through your way on stuntman wipeout water run adventure among the best waterfront games. Whizz through loops with lightning speed in stuntman them park running adventure blend with water park run wipeout challenge.        
Stuntman Crazy Run 1.0 Update
Amazing Stuntman Multiple Payer selection Unique Graphics 3D Environments
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32.3 MB
Right To Develop
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