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Screen time
              Screen time is a way to record the daily use time of the mobile phone, the use time of each APP, and save daily, weekly, monthly use records, use time and other data. You can also use the usage reminder function to force yourself to no longer use some applications and control the phone usage time. In daily life, people are increasingly inseparable from mobile phones. We spend a lot of time on mobile entertainment, games, and use every day. Parents can use this software to control how long their children use their mobile phones or APP each day. The screen time software is powerful, the interface is simple and contains a large number of statistical functions.

The detailed functions are as follows:
1: Today's usage details: including the usage time of the mobile phone today, the usage time of each APP, and the number of times the APP is started
2: Daily usage time: count the total usage time of the mobile phone every day, the first use can only count the usage time up to the last 7 days
3: Daily usage details: including the usage time of the mobile phone in a certain day, the usage time of each APP, and the number of APP launches
4: Weekly usage data: record the weekly usage time and number of activations of the mobile phone, so as to facilitate comparison of the weekly mobile phone usage
5: Monthly time data: Record monthly mobile phone usage time and number of activations, so as to facilitate comparison of monthly mobile phone usage
6: Application order: record the order and time of each APP startup on a certain day, and you can check which APP is opened and when on a certain day
7: Overdose reminder: You can set the usage time of the APP every day. If the usage time of the APP exceeds this set time, the screen time
     A dialog box will pop up to remind users of excessive usage, which is convenient for users to control the daily usage time of APP
8: APP use details: record the daily APP use time, the average daily use time, the number of starts per day, the average number of starts per day,
     Last use time

About permissions:
1: Before using this software, you need to open the usage record permission. All data recorded by this software is only saved on the mobile phone and will not be uploaded to any third party or Other servers will not cause the leakage of user personal data, please rest assured to enable this permission.
2: If you need to use the over-reminder function, you need to enable the upper level permission that allows it to be displayed in other apps. When the app reaches the set time, it will A dialog box pops up to remind the user that this function requires the application reminder software to work in the background, so do not kill the screen time software during use, otherwise it will Affect the use of this feature.

Since a lot of data needs to be loaded for the first startup, please wait patiently for a while. Please do not close the application at this time.

If you have any comments or good suggestions during the use of the software, please send us an email, and we will revise user feedback comments and suggestions as soon as possible.        
Screen time 1.0.2 Update
1:Fix some crash bugs in some targets. 2: Performance improvement.
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