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Logify Automatic Mileage Tracker
Logify Automatic Mileage Tracker

Logify Automatic Mileage Tracker

1.6.2 for Android

Fully automatic GPS Mileage Tracker with Handy Logsheet Reports


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Logify Automatic Mileage Tracker
              Best Solution for Vehicle Mileage Tracking, Tax Deduction, Business Expense Reimbursement and Trip Data Analysis:

• Logify logs your mileage by itself!
• No need to push a button to start or stop the logging!
• No need to type with your cloves, on a chilly morning, from where to where you drove!
• Cross my heart!

Just install the app, grant it with location permissions and enable GPS. Once you have done that, you can just drive and Logify records your trips automatically.

Logify can be used as a standalone mobile app or synced with www.logify.com web service.

Mobile features:
• Automatic trip recording start/stop using: Movement speed detection, Vehicle Bluetooth connection, Bluetooth LE beacon or Charger detection as a trigger.
• Automatic descriptions for trip start and end locations, determined from street address or from predefined saved locations list. 
• Unclassified trips view for simple business/private type classification and vehicle assignment for trips.
• Reimbursement rates for trip types.
• Odometer readings entry.
• Text and photo notes for trips.
• Refueling information entry.
• Consistency check of trip history – notifies if start location of the trip doesn’t match with end location of the previous trip.
• Manual trips, by defining trip start and end location and choosing route between the locations. (premium feature)
• Join and split trips. (premium feature)
• Sync trips to a selected calendar. (premium feature)
• Automatic web service sync. (premium feature)
• Excel report with selected trips. (premium feature)

Web service features:
• Trip data backup in the web service.
• Draft and finished reports.
• Reports consistency check.
• Manual trips addition.
• Reports printing, export to Excel, share directly from the web.

Where can you use Logify data? 
• Tax Deduction Reports
• Business Expense Reimbursement
• Business and Personal Driving Data Analysis
• Why Jim reports twice the mileage of Jack when their sales areas are approximately the same size?
• I think I drove as much as usual in January but why did I use so much gas?
• Reporting to and billing customers
• etc.        
Logify Automatic Mileage Tracker 1.6.2 Update
Compatiblity with Huawei Mobile Services
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8.1 MB
i45 OU
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