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Three Kingdoms:Strategy
Three Kingdoms:Strategy

Three Kingdoms:Strategy

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All heroes gather in this trouble time,realize your ambition at the stage!!!


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Three Kingdoms:Strategy
              "Three Kingdoms:Strategy"is a  tactical role-playing game based on the three kingdoms period, at first ,Although, it’s just a commoner, through the step by step Capturing territory , recruitment of generals, and deployment of battles, everyone will eventually become a monarch and dominate the three kingdoms! This game has abundant playing method, The general’s system makes battles win sweeping victory,Strategy system turns the situation upside down instantly,There are more territorial operations, tetrarch training, Fragmentation of a country by rivaling warlords , making your mind full of ideas never stop!
【Global talents are brave and astute】
General is one of the nucleus playing methods in "Three Kingdoms:Strategy",this is exactly what is no general no war:who wants to win a battle, not only needs brave soldiers, the army adviser plays an decisive role in a battle.By matching legendary generals, exert infinite possibilities of war.
In addition, each general has its own unique skills and types of soldiers, which play different roles on different occasions, making it easier to win battles.
Of course, if you want to obtain a powerful military commander, you must have powerful equipment. Except weapon armor, special horses and magic weapons can make military commanders qualitatively change. Seven enters and seven exits in battle, unstoppable!!!
【Constantly changing, ace in the hole】
In addition to the frontal conflicts in "Three Kingdoms:Strategy", also,there are  more unpredictable strategy systems, Different strategies have different effects, you can produce good harvests,and you can travel thousands of miles every day, promote and expand resources continuously, and march and fight faster than others!!!
【promotion to the nobility,reach the limit】
The fief is belonged to player in "Three Kingdoms:Strategy ",Through the construction of territorial buildings, the territorial level will be developed step by step to obtain more resources and stronger troops.
If you want to the better fief, you must continue to strengthen your official position,It is not easy to become a monarch from a commoner, but as long as you believe in yourself, dominating the three kingdoms is not a daydream!!
【winner takes all, strive for hegemony 】
In addition to personal copy , there are competition of striving for hegemony, compete with other sovereign from all over the world, Through the reasonable use of strategies and the reasonable combination of generals, you’ll win the final victory and become the monarch respected by thousands.        
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