Underline - Book Summaries, Quotes, Notes. Reading & Motivation. cover
Underline - Book Summaries, Quotes, Notes. Reading & Motivation. Underline - Book Summaries, Quotes, Notes. Reading & Motivation. Download
Underline - Book Summaries, Quotes, Notes. Reading & Motivation.
Underline - Book Summaries, Quotes, Notes. Reading & Motivation.

Underline - Book Summaries, Quotes, Notes. Reading & Motivation.

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Get motivated & inspired by reading book summaries and quotes from popular books


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Underline - Book Summaries, Quotes, Notes. Reading & Motivation.

Underline is the first platform for free book summaries. Discover summaries for any book.
Act on your self improvement & personal growth by reading one book summary each day.
To guide you on your self-improvement journey, we add new book summaries, quotes, insights and uplifting ideas daily.
Use Underline to quickly gain knowledge from the most popular books & best authors in the world.

Book summaries for your self-improvement. All 100% free! We call them Stories.
Writers from our community select the best highlights, tips and insights from popular fiction and nonfiction books and present them in an easy to digest format called a Story. A story is like a short, condensed book summary, with 6-12 slides. Each slide is a motivational quote or a meaningful idea from that book.

Enjoy Stories and quotes daily, from many book categories.
You can read Stories from many book categories such as: spiritual, self-help, motivational, self-improvement, self-development, etc.
If you've ever wanted an assistant to develop yourself faster and keep to your routine of self development, Underline is the right app for you.

Read Stories for your daily motivation and personal growth.
Keep your daily motivation levels high by exploring insightful Stories full of beautiful quotes, self-improvement tips and motivating information.
Podcasts, videos or articles are great for your self improvement & motivation, but BOOKS are the only real source of deep knowledge.
If you're looking for real information and facts to guide you on your self care and self improvement explorations, reading is the only way to go!
Learning = Reading.
It's that simple.

But reading is tooo slow. Read faster with Underline!
Did you ever want to read faster? Fast reading is indeed a super power! It can be the easiest path towards your self betterment and self growth.
That's why we've built Underline. To help you grow and gain meaningful knowledge faster.
Reading book summaries is like having a super power, giving you the ability to extract, internalize and memorize the vital parts of any book in no time!
It's like having a shortcut for your personal growth.

Try it! After you download the app, set up a challenge to read one book a day for 30 days!
Reading one Story - book summary - with Underline takes just 5 minutes. It's easy and fun to act on your self improvement routine and improve yourself day by day when you have such an unfair advantage!


Read smarter by organizing and tracking your library.
Self growth and personal development are all about reading more. But keeping track of all the books you want to read is so hard! Not anymore! With Underline, it's very easy to organize your personal library.
Create reading lists and keep track of all your favorite reads! It's easy in Underline.

With Underline, creating booknotes & highlights from books takes 5 seconds.
If you're a student or if you're serious about growth and self-improvement, taking notes from books is a must. Here's how to take notes in Underline:
Open the app, press the 'Scan Page' button and take a photo of a paragraph of text from your book.
The app will digitize that quote.
Your booknote is done!

Take notes from Kindle books and audio books.
Underline can import your Kindle highlights and also allows you to take notes from audio books. One single app for all your booknotes: digital, physical or audio.

Don't forget to accept the notifications from Underline to receive inspiring updates.
If you find great ideas in Underline, don't forget to share!
Oh, did we mention Underline works offline too? It does.

Your success in life depends on the speed at which you learn new skills. Learning = Reading.
Underline is here to help you read smarter & faster.
Let's develop you into the most extraordinary version of yourself!

Underline - Book Summaries, Quotes, Notes. Reading & Motivation. 1.18 Update
Book Stories are book summaries created by passionate readers, presented in a story-like format, about a specific book. Tap on the edge of the screen to browse between slides inside a Book Story. There are dozens of Book Stories to choose from, created by passionate readers who've read those books cover to cover and have published their perspective on it. Enjoy!
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