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City Car Driver 2020
City Car Driver 2020

City Car Driver 2020

2.0.1 for Android

Go to any car in the town and drive it: police car, taxi, school bus and bikes!


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Mobimi Games LTD


Rated 12+

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City Car Driver 2020
              City Car Driver 2020 game allows you to drive freely around the grand city. This is an open world environment game where you can decide what to do: walk, drive cars or ride motorcycles around the big city streets.

When the games begins you control a third person character and you need to go to a car or a motorbike in order to have a vehicle to drive. On the town streets you will see different traffic vehicles driving around, like: school bus, van, sports cars, police cars, taxi and motorbikes. You can drive any car in the town, just go to the left door of the vehicle and get in. 

Depending on the vehicle you choose specific mission will become available.

If you like to play taxi driver games then get inside a taxi car and a request mission button will be available for you to request taxi missions. When the taxi simulator game begins you have to drive fast to the pickup point, stop for the client to get inside your cab and then drive safely to the destination point.

If driving passengers around seems boring to you then you can switch gears and play a fast-paced action game by becoming a police officer. Get inside a police car and now your duty is to protect the city from criminals if you choose to do that. Like in the best police car simulator games, you can chase down other vehicles and try to stop them. This can be a tough job especially if the criminal car drives at really high speeds and smashes everything in his path. Use your police driver skills and bust the criminal. While you are a driving a police car other type of missions will be available, such as: first responder missions where you have to drive fast and reach the location where an accident has happened or you will receive reports about robberies in progress and you will have to arrest the thief's and drive them to the police station.

Driving a big vehicle such a school bus can be a lot of fun especially when you have to pickup kids from their homes and safely drive the to school where they can learn new and fun things.
Being a school bus duty driver you have to drive safely around the city streets, maintain the legal speed at all times and stop in the designated bus station for children to get in and out of your bus.

Buying stuff online means that someone has to deliver it to your home. By driving a van you can play parcel delivery games and become that driver that always delivers your parcel on time. Drive to the warehouse to pick up all the packages assigned for a specific route. Finish the route by delivering all the parcels before the time runs out. Get your reward and continue packages on different routes. Become the ultimate parcel delivery driver!

Motorcycle riding can be a lot of fun but you must be very carefully especially while using NOS because the bike will get on one wheel.

In City Car Driver 2020 game you can also perform stunt actions and run full speed without the police chasing you. Jump off stunt ramps straight on the rooftop of buildings.

Drive cars and motorbikes with real physics engine which gives you a chance to experience real car driving simulation. Go to town and collect as much money as you can in order to buy new cars available at the car showroom.

In order to give you a more realistic car driving simulator experience you can use different camera angles including Interior Cockpit View.

You can collect money that you find on the town streets or you can complete some extreme missions such as high speed police car chase or jump off stunt ramps in order to reach on the buildings rooftops so you can collect hidden rewards. With the money you collect you can buy better and faster super cars.

If you get bored of driving in the city area then you can explore the off road area and drive around the hills until you reach the seaside.
If you are a fun of drifting fast and doing burnouts then you can burn the asphalt in this open world city! You can drive, drift and feel like in a car racing game for free!

If you want to drive in a        
City Car Driver 2020 2.0.1 Update
NEW in City Car Driver 2020: ***** Taxi Missions - Drive a taxi car and you can play a taxi driver games: pickup people and drive them to the destination. ***** Police Car Missions - Drive a police car and you can play different police games: chase other cars or arrest people or attend a crash accident. ***** School Bus Missions - Drive a school bus and you can play bus simulator games: pickup kids from their homes and drive them to school. ***** Parcel Deliver Missions: drive a van and you can play delivery driver games: go to the warehouse to pickup the parcel and begin delivering the parcel before the time runs out. - Checkpoints Missions - New Showroom (free sports car) - Performance improvements - Bug Fixes
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