payit Wallet - Remit Money. Shop. Dine. Pay. payit Wallet - Remit Money. Shop. Dine. Pay. Download
payit Wallet - Remit Money. Shop. Dine. Pay.
payit Wallet - Remit Money. Shop. Dine. Pay.

payit Wallet - Remit Money. Shop. Dine. Pay.

1.4.81 for Android

payit is UAE’s first fully featured digital wallet. Powered by FAB


67K installs




50.1 MB


First Abu Dhabi Bank PJSC


Rated 18+

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payit Wallet - Remit Money. Shop. Dine. Pay.
              payit is UAE’s first fully featured digital wallet. Powered by First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), payit helps you manage your digital cash on the go. From now onwards, you no longer have to worry about carrying cash nor struggle while exchanging money. payit is an all-in-mobile smart wallet app that offers you real-time, online payment for your everyday shopping, online bill payment, bill splitting, and money management.

payit is the perfect replacement for physical money! It offers its users a convenient way to make money transactions online with ease and using only their smartphones.

You can pay for all your purchases using the mobile cash app. You can also pay bills online, transfer money online, and manage your finances on one platform. Using the payment app saves you time and eliminates the risk associated with losing physical money.
When you’re out with friends, you can split the bill amongst yourselves with a single tap on your smartphone. payit allows you to have a fun day out with friends without having to worry about the payment process afterwards.

Furthermore, payit offers you an easy cash-out process, top-notch options, international money transfer online at a competitive rate, as well as, easy local bank transfer. Our services are free, simple, fast, rewarding, and most importantly, secure. Anything cash can do, payit does it better.

The mobile e-wallet provides a seamless registration process to all legal residents of the UAE above the age of 18. In order to get started, all you need is the following:
-	Valid mobile number
-	Valid Emirates ID
-	Valid Email ID 
-	Smart phone of your choice

Once you have these things set and ready you can begin your registration process by following the steps mentioned below.
1.	Download the app and select Individual (In case, you’re Ratibi Card Holder, then select “Ratibi Customer”
2.	Scan the front and back of your emirates ID
3.      Take Selfie
4.	Enter and confirm your phone number and email ID 
5.	Generate your secret password
6.	Now it’s time for the e-Wallet to surpass your physical wallet – select any bank debit card to link, or cash deposit to FAB ATM or ask your friend to send money using payit. Isn’t it easy and exciting! 
Discover all the amazing things you can do through payit!
-	payit wallet account 
     o	It’s a free wallet with zero maintenance charges. 
     o	No minimum balance required 
     o	Load cash in your wallet as per your requirement
-	Pay at the merchant’s outlet
     o	Shop and pay at merchants’ outlets (restaurants, retail, electronics, groceries, fitness, insurance, cinema tickets, etc.) using QR code, or Sound. 
     o	Check out our offer page for exciting deals and ask for discounts while shopping and dining.
-	Shop online
    o	Shop at merchants’ e-commerce website/mobile apps using payit wallet checkout and have it delivered to you at home without a hassle.
-	Utility payments
    o	Top-up your pre-paid Du, Etislat, Mawaqif, Salik and NOL
    o	Pay your postpaid Du and Etisalat bills 
-	Send or receive money 
    o	Request or pay money from wallet to wallet by scanning the QR code or selecting contact name
    o	Transfer money locally from wallet to any bank
    o	Withdraw wallet cash at FAB ATM with ease
-	International Remittance
    o	Quick international money transfer to over 200 countries and territories using MoneyGram on payit
    o	Instant and direct bank transfer to India without fees.
-	Refer a friend to get rewarded.
-	Track and manage your spending on the go to save more.

We are always happy to hear from our customers!
For more details, feedback or ideas, you can reach us on any of the following platforms:

Web – 
Email – [email protected] 
Facebook – 
Twitter – 
Instagram –  
Privacy policy –        
payit Wallet - Remit Money. Shop. Dine. Pay. 1.4.81 Update
Payit welcomes ‘DWallet’. A partnership with MOHRE and FAB to allow Dwallet cardholders to register and use payit as their digital wallet with seamless integration with their pre-paid card.
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50.1 MB
First Abu Dhabi Bank PJSC
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