Skat Offline - Single Player Card Game Skat Offline - Single Player Card Game Download
Skat Offline - Single Player Card Game
Skat Offline - Single Player Card Game

Skat Offline - Single Player Card Game

1.0.16 for Android

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Skat Offline - Single Player Card Game
              Play Skat Offline - the national card game of Germany. A three player trick-taking card game, it is played with a deck of 32 cards, the lowest one being a 7. Either French-suited or German-suited cards can be used. 

Skat is not just another card game in Germany. On the contrary, it is seen as a national treasure, a symbol. While the game can be compared to Bridge in a way, it is very hard to categorize it. Invented over 200 years ago, Skat remains one of the most challenging trick-taking card games. 

The excitement of Skat is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people playing in pubs, schools, their homes and even at parties! While the majority of people who like to play for fun, there are many competitions and tournaments for experienced players who want to showcase their skills.

Advantages of Skat Offline

No Wi-Fi required, play anywhere
Latest HD graphics and card physics
Free trainer to practice your skills
Learn the authentic rules
Challenge yourself against AI bots

While other online games exist, Skat Offline offers you the possibility to take your favorite card game with you everywhere you go! Internet connection is not required, which means you can play it on the bus, on the airplane, when taking a walk or while waiting in line!

The possibilities are endless and are yours to explore! You do not have to worry about more experienced players judging your actions, as you will be playing against our bots, which will definitely be challenging enough!

Skat Rules

Ten cards are dealt to each of the three players and two cards remain face down to form what is known as the skat. Perhaps one of the most important steps of the game is the auction, which follows after the dealing.

Players get to determine who will play solo against the two other players by bidding. Whoever bids the highest gets to play solo and pick the trump suit. What is interesting is that the main objective of the solo player is not to win most of the 10 tricks, rather win tricks containing as many card-points as possible.

The point values of the cards are as follow:

Ace - 11 points
Ten - 10 points
King - 4 points
Queen - 3 points
Jack - 2 points
Nine - 0 points
Eight - 0 points
Seven - 0 points

There are a total of 120 points and the solo player must obtain at least 61 of them. There are many other nuances of the game, such as the usage of the skat, which the solo player has access to. There is no requirement to use it but if used, the solo player can discard up to two cards and pick two in return from the skat, allowing for very interesting dynamics.        
Skat Offline - Single Player Card Game 1.0.16 Update
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